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How to Add a New E-Mail Address in Exchange 2007 using Power Shell

Power Shell is very handy when it comes to managing Exchange 2007. Adding new email addresses for existing mailbox users is very common task for exchange administrators. Unfortunately there is no one cmdlet which would allow it. Below I will present a simple script, which is a combination of Get-Mailbox and Set-Mailbox cmdlets.


Send As Permission in Exchange 2007

Send As is very powerful permission in Exchange 2007. Send As permission allows a user to whom it was granted to send emails directly as another person. Implementing such feature is frequent requirement in many companies. For example an office assistant is responsible for replying to emails, which were sent to company mailbox. We could resolve it by granting Send on Behalf permission to office assistant, but what if we want to hide actual sender from recipients, in that situation Send As is the only choice.


How to check MX records of mail server

Sometimes Mail Servers administrators have problem with receiving mails. One of the first things to troubleshoot is the MX record of their mail server in DNS. We can do it by using many online services or by using simple tools like nslookup or dig. One thing to note dig is Linux utility, while nslookup can be found on both Windows and Linux systems.