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Microsoft Sql Server

Sql Server Error: 18452 Login failed for user

This one of the most common errors you can find on Sql Server or ASP.NET forums is Error 18452 Login failed for user. There are three causes, which could trigger that error:

  1. User tried to login using Sql Server Authentication but server allows only for Windows Authentication
  2. User tried to login using Sql Server authentication, but the login does not exist in Sql Server
  3. User tried to login using Windows Authentication, but the login is unrecognized Windows Principal

Calculating Date Difference in Sql Server

Often we need to calculate the difference between two dates in Sql Server. Microsoft provided us with DateDiff function, which is very handy in such situations. The most often problem with DateDiff function is with its DatePart parameter.

How to check the version of Microsoft Sql Server

Often we need quickly check the version of the Microsoft Sql Server. The quickest way to do it is to use @@VERSION. However there is one more method, which is often overlooked by Database Administrators, the extended stored procedure xp_msver.

How to take database offline in Sql Server

Sometimes we want to disable user access to database without deleting or detaching that database. The easiest way to do it is to take database offline. Taking database offline can be performed using Transact-Sql or Sql Server Management Studio.

Filtering numeric data from character based column

It is quite often asked question how to select only numeric data from character based column. Using Sql Server makes this task usually easy, you just need to use IsNumeric function.

create table t1( 
c1 varchar(10)

insert into t1(c1) values('Krystian');
insert into t1(c1) values('10');
insert into t1(c1) values('13.5');
insert into t1(c1) values('- 13.5');
insert into t1(c1) values('100.25.55');

select * from t1;

- 13.5

How to check free space in transaction log on Sql Server

Transaction Log is a crucial part of every Sql Server Database. So why so many DBA even do not know how to check how much space is used by Sql Server in Transaction Log? Transaction Log records all transactions and database modifications made during using database.