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Special characters in C#

There are some characters in .NET that were labeled special. For example how would we represent a single quote in a string or a tabulator? We would use escape character, which is backspace (\). Escaping character just means putting backspace in front of special character. Below program shows this concept in more detail.


How to Add a New E-Mail Address in Exchange 2007 using Power Shell

Power Shell is very handy when it comes to managing Exchange 2007. Adding new email addresses for existing mailbox users is very common task for exchange administrators. Unfortunately there is no one cmdlet which would allow it. Below I will present a simple script, which is a combination of Get-Mailbox and Set-Mailbox cmdlets.


How To Mount ISO Image on Windows 7

Very often we have to mount ISO images, especially if we are using software from MSDN or TechNet subscriptions; ISO is a standard format in which Microsoft distributes their software. Unfortunately neither Windows 7 final version (I have not installed it recently) nor any previous Windows version natively supported mounting ISO images.


Send As Permission in Exchange 2007

Send As is very powerful permission in Exchange 2007. Send As permission allows a user to whom it was granted to send emails directly as another person. Implementing such feature is frequent requirement in many companies. For example an office assistant is responsible for replying to emails, which were sent to company mailbox. We could resolve it by granting Send on Behalf permission to office assistant, but what if we want to hide actual sender from recipients, in that situation Send As is the only choice.


Rename SA account in Sql Server

All Sql Server Administrators heard about SA account, how insecure it is and how many vulnerabilities exists that enable someone to break our Sql Server. Microsoft suggests using Windows Authentication Mode, instead of Mixed Mode. Mixed Mode exists only for backward compatibility. The safest solution would be to disable SA account and forget about the problem. However the world is not ideal and sometimes we have to use legacy 3rd party applications, which require Mixed Mode. In those situations we can rename SA account to make it harder to crack. Renaming Administrator account/s is a standard practice used by Windows Domain Administrators, so we will try to implement the same on Sql Server. We can rename SA account in Sql Server 2005 and Sql Server 2008.

SBS 2008 BPA DNS A resource record points to incorrect IP address

When running Small Business Server 2008 Best Practices Analyzes, you can see that mysterious error.
DNS A resource record points to incorrect IP address

The host (A) resource record points to the incorrect IP address The record should point to


Install SBS 2008 Best Practices Analyzer

Many Small Business Server administrators forget to use one very handy and free tool which will help them to implement the best practices on their server. The tool is called Small Business Server Best Practices Analyzer which was released by Microsoft to help administrators in implementing the best practices.


List files in a directory using C#

.NET comes with many classes that make accomplishing almost any task quite easy. In below program I will present how easy is to retrieve a list of files in a directory using DirectoryInfo and FileInfo classes.


Install CALs in SBS 2008

Many people are confused on the proper procedure to install Client Access Licenses (CALs) in Microsoft Small Business Server 2008. Those who know Small Business Server 2003, are searching for option to add CALs using Server Manager, but there is no such option.


SBS 2008 VPN Error 649

VPN connection to company network is a very common requirement. It allows mobile users to connect to corporate network. By default in Small Business Server 2008 users are not allowed to connect to VPN. When they try to connect to VPN server they receive Error 649: The account does not have permission to dial in. There are many solutions to that problem I will present the simplest, which is based on Role Management.