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Special characters in C#

There are some characters in .NET that were labeled special. For example how would we represent a single quote in a string or a tabulator? We would use escape character, which is backspace (\). Escaping character just means putting backspace in front of special character. Below program shows this concept in more detail.

using System;

namespace SpecialCharacters
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            Console.WriteLine("single quote: \'");
            Console.WriteLine("quotation mark: \"");
            Console.WriteLine("backslash: \\");
            Console.WriteLine("alert: \a");
            Console.WriteLine("backspace: -\b");
            Console.WriteLine("form feed: \f");
            Console.WriteLine("newline: \n");
            Console.WriteLine("carriage return: \r");
            Console.WriteLine("tabulator: \tKrystian");
            Console.WriteLine("vertical quote: \vKrystian");
            Console.WriteLine("unicode character 0: \0");
            Console.WriteLine("4B in hex is equal 75 in decimal, which represents letter K in ASCII");
            Console.WriteLine("unicode hex: \u004B");
            Console.WriteLine("hex: \x4B");