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Send As Permission in Exchange 2007

Send As is very powerful permission in Exchange 2007. Send As permission allows a user to whom it was granted to send emails directly as another person. Implementing such feature is frequent requirement in many companies. For example an office assistant is responsible for replying to emails, which were sent to company mailbox. We could resolve it by granting Send on Behalf permission to office assistant, but what if we want to hide actual sender from recipients, in that situation Send As is the only choice.

Administrators should remember that on contrary to Exchange 2000 / 2003 in Exchange 2007 granting a user Full Mailbox Permission does not implicitly grant Send As permission. Send As permission is considered as a very powerful one and should be used with care. Send As is so “powerful” because it allows one user to send emails from other user mailbox without acknowledging recipients about that fact.

To Grant a user Send As permission on a mailbox, we start Exchange Management Console and under Recipients Configuration we select Mailbox node. Then we select the mailbox to which we want to grant access. From context menu we select Manage Send As

Manage Send As Permission wizard will be shown. We click add to add a user to who we want to grant new permission.

After clicking Add the new window will pop up. In that new window titled "Select User or Group" we can select appropriate user.

After adding the user we click Manage.

At the end we should see confirmation screen.

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